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Pure Drama Management is an entertainment agency representing young actors, performers and talent in the South of England.


As a sister company of the already very established and successful Pure Drama Theatre School, run by Lizzie Frances, our agency is a natural progression for children who would like to seek opportunities and work experience in the entertainment industry. We also welcome children and young people who don’t attend Pure Drama Theatre School, but are seeking representation for work and opportunities in performance.


We represent young people from ages 0-25, and submit them for opportunities and work in theatre, television, film, commercials and voiceover. We also look for local opportunities & events which might offer the children some enriching experience and a chance to develop their confidence and skills.


We encourage all of our children and young performers to be ‘themselves’ as much as possible, as their individuality and personality traits are what make them unique and wonderful in the casting industry.

'Our aspiration is to help, prepare and nurture the young talent we represent to grow into individual and confident young professionals to make their experiences in the industry as fulfilling and enjoyable as possible.'


Pure Drama Management was founded by Lizzie Frances, who also runs the highly successful and established Pure Drama Theatre School. Joining Lizzie are industry professionals Clare Walsh and Emma Goodridge. As a team they have over 75 years of combined industry experience and have a wealth of industry contacts to call upon and invest into the agency.


Clients of Pure Drama Management also have the opportunity to take part in Masterclasses, led by industry professionals. Learning the art of auditioning, honing your self-tape technique and mastering camera technique are just some of the classes that we offer and can make all the difference to making the most of those audition opportunities. Check out our MASTERCLASS page for more information about opportunities coming soon!

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'We have three levels of representation to allow our young talent to grow with the agency. We allow time for clients to gain confidence so that they can move to the next level at their own pace and as when they feel ready to.'


Our three levels of representation allow our young talent to join us at whatever stage they feel comfortable. After auditioning, if we feel that the child or young person is ready to join our agency then we will suggest a level that we feel is appropriate for them, to comfortably introduce them to the industry. It is also worth considering how much commitment you are prepared to give. Our representation levels are as follows:


At this level, our talent comes on board for all opportunities including commitments which might involve travelling away to a location outside of Dorset for castings and filming. Talent who sign with us for full sole representation must not be signed for full sole representation with any other entertainment agency.


At demi level, talent can join us to be submitted for work as a Supporting or Background Artiste in television & film and Commercial opportunities. You may still be required to travel away from Dorset, but it may involve a slightly more relaxed casting process.

In addition to selecting a representation bracket, clients also join a group relative to their age range which helps us to channel the right client to the most appropriate opportunities.











Pure Drama Students


If you decide that you or your child would like to join Pure Drama Management then you will need to attend one of our audition sessions. The auditions are primarily an opportunity for you to meet us and for us to meet you and for you to learn a little bit more about how the agency and casting industry works. We are not looking for a polished performance, we are looking to see personality and potential and to assess how the person auditioning copes with an audition environment. If you would like to come along to one of our audition sessions then please email us to register your interest and we will send you some forms to fill in.

At each session we will give an introduction and overview to the agency, do a short warm up/meet and greet with the children and then each applicant will be given a 5–10 minute private audition. For the private audition, young performers over the age of 4 years old will be asked to prepare a short performance, between 1-3 minutes in length which shows us their personality. We will also take the opportunity in this slot to chat to each individual child. It’s really nothing for your child to worry about, we would just like to get to know what they are like.


We will give you lots of information about our agency at our audition session where you will also have an opportunity to ask any questions you might have. Once you and/or your child have been through the audition process we will be in touch to let you know which level of representation we think might be suitable for your child. You will also need to have a think about what level of representation might be suitable for you and your family and how much of a commitment you might like to make.

Once the audition process is complete, and you are successful in being invited to join the agency, you or your child will be offered an agency contract and added to our Tagmin casting portfolio. Tagmin is a safe and secure database used by many agencies in the entertainment agency and enables us to quickly and efficiently submit our talent for castings. Upon joining Pure Drama Management you will be given a private login for yours or your child’s personal casting profile on Tagmin where you will be able to add information to the profile and your availability. More information will be given on this after the audition process is complete.


Information regarding costs involved and commission rates can be found in our terms before signing our contract.

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Where every child is heard and every child is known


At the very heart and roots of our ethos is our sister company PURE DRAMA THEATRE SCHOOL, which offers a range of learning opportunities for children and young adults living in the Bournemouth & Christchurch area.  

Pure Drama is an exciting and nurturing Theatre school where pupils are encouraged to be individuals, whilst being guided and taught how to Act, Sing and Dance by Industry Professionals.

Classes are available across Pokesdown, Southbourne and Christchurch in Acting and Musical Theatre for 0-19 year olds.

Students have the opportunity to choose which discipline they'd prefer to study. So if it's Acting they love, we offer straight Acting classes rather than having to participate in  all three disciplines; Acting, Singing and Dancing. Of course we have Musical Theatre classes  for those that do!


For Students that would like to take Performance examinations or further their studies by auditioning for Drama Schools we offer private coaching in the form of our LAMDA and NEW ERA Diploma lessons.

For our littlest performers we have our Music, Dancing, Sensory and Imaginative Play sessions for Babies, Toddlers and Pre Schoolers- Pure Drama with Bertie & Betsy

Pure Drama offers free trials to all new faces. Visit our sister website for more information. www.pure-drama.com.